Mr. Ranjit S. Singh
(Chairman – AIACB)

Our aim is to work in consonance with the law enforcing authorities, bringing illegitimate and illegal activities, including human rights violation instances to light, and help the authorities.


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Welcome To All India Anti Crime Bureau

index1Illegal activities and crime are blights and blots of society, and there’s an extreme necessity to eliminate them. Crimes of any nature are activities against the constitution and penal laws, which also include corruption, are the biggest evils of society. Eradication of crime may sound as an arduous and or an elusive and unachievable task for many, but, it’s been seen over the years, substantiated with cognizance of civil and human rights, proactive and fortified people’s movements have always been successful in combating the evils. Undeniably and obviously, the law enforcing authorities play a monumental role. With their help and our co-operation with them, it can be made possible.

Clear, legitimate and positive intent is imperative to carry forward such missions. All India Anti Crime Bureau (AIACB) intends to do just that. Apparently, kindle the light of awareness and education, in order to enable and empower people to get righteous and fight for justice for self and for those victimized or exploited. We, at AIACB intend to infuse the principles of rectitude in the minds of people.

It’s our objective to get the community together that believes in the justice and legal system, and fight against unlawful and anti-social elements and activities.

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Our focus at Legal Help India is to provide structured Legal information to different user groups for the areas relevant to them. In this endeavour, we have dedicated our skills and expertise in order to provide Legal information on Indian Laws which is widespread and reliable.

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