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About Us

It’s been seen for years together human rights have been recklessly violated time and time again. Our endeavour is to become the mouthpiece of those who have been victimised and direly repressed, resulting in violation of the law and civil and human rights. Any kind of human rights’ abuse is absolutely intolerable. Our aim is to work in consonance with the law enforcing authorities, bringing illegitimate and illegal activities, including human rights violation instances to light, and help the authorities.  Building pressure and functioning in the legal framework, making dire oppressors and exploiters accountable for their misdemeanours, is our core objective.
All India Anti Crime Bureau, as an institution, would like to collate all like minded forces viz. institutions and organisations that intend to serve the people fighting for justice, and co-operate with law enforcing authorities in dispensing justice and expose anti-social and miscreant elements unto their deserving consequences, with an earnest endeavour to have a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere in the society at large.

All India Anti Crime Bureau is registered under Trust Act, Regd. No.9690 on the 9th day of November, 2011.